The Happy Bride Policy 

With the expansion of our business in 2016, comes growth and change including the introduction of The Happy Bride Policy.

We're confident in our skills, products and what we do! and we want you to feel the same!

Created with our future brides in mind, We've decided to offer a satisfaction guarantee hopefully making the choice a little easier when it comes to choosing and booking the makeup artist for your wedding day.

THE HAPPY BRIDE POLICY:  If after your initial trial / bridal preview you are unsatisfied with the finished result, We will provide a complementary second trial during week days to be advised by your artist, where we will sit down to discuss what you weren't satisfied with, talk through your options or edits we can change from the original makeup, then complete a new makeup look and take photos. Your makeup will then be removed by your artist at the end of your service.

* Travel fees may be applied depending on location of second trial / preview.


The nitty gritty

This policy will apply when;

  • The Client must voice their dissatisfaction at the time of the initial preview / trial session, if time allows the Artist will attempt to fix any issues and extend the initial preview session. We know communication is key, and  must stress we will not be offended or upset if you do voice your concerns on the day of your service.
  • This only applies to brides who have booked, paid their deposit and secured their wedding date, If the client has not signed our service agreement or paid a deposit for their wedding, The Happy Bride Policy will not apply.
  • Will only apply for a single second trial ( 60 minute session ) , if the client is still dissatisfied after the second session the artist will offer  a release from their service agreement obligations.

This Policy will not apply when;

  • The Client does not voice their opinion at the time of the trial / preview. If they do not voice their dissatisfaction or allow their artist the opportunity to edit or reprimand the outcome of the initial trial.
  • The Client arrives unprepared for their trial ( no reference images ready, frazzled or unsettled, does not put phone down during trial, late for appointment, ) or go against the advice provided from your artist during discussion of the look desired.
  • The initial trial goes over 2 hours
  • The Policy will not apply if the client has a change of mind and simply want to try another style of makeup, colour scheme or coverage level. These will be billed at a standard trial session rates.
  • If the client must cancel or wishes to reschedule their complementary second trial, a re-trial will be billed at our standard session rates.



The Happy Bride Policy is subject to change without notice,  and applies only to new brides & clients who book and confirm their wedding after January 1st 2016 .