Terms and Conditions:

Please read carefully, as by paying a deposit and confirming a booking with Steff Matheson Makeup Artist, means that you have read and agree with the terms & conditions below.



  • trials are highly recommended, if not compulsory for wedding bookings,  due to the nature of weddings
  • trials are a one on one meeting, unfortunately meaning no bystanders or onlookers, during the consolation, development and completion of the trial makeup.
  • Trials are a mobile service and a travel fee will be incurred over 20kms return.
  • day time is preferred due to the best and most natural light
  • weekday bookings are ideal,weekend bookings are subject to availability as primarily weekends are booked with weddings, a surcharge may be incurred if you require a definite weekend date.
  • bank deposit/ paypal payment must be paid prior to service date
  • freshly cleansed face is ideal ( makeup fess, no heavy moisturisers, eye creams, or products containing SPF)
  • The more information you can give me the better, so prior to the trial, try to collect some photos of makeups you like, ( pinterest / tumblr / google are great for bridal makeup inspiration if you're feeling lost) as well as any other details of your wedding i.e colour theme, your dress, bridesmaids dresses, hair ideas, flowers and jewels, that way I can learn a little more about you and your style and transfer that into your look. 
  • makeup trials take booked in 2 hour slots, any over time will incur an additional hourly rate charge
  • under no circumstance will the trial amount paid be refunded after the trial has been done, or if for any reason you are unable to complete the trial on your booked day and time.
  • the trial is a separate service, the trial amount paid does not come off the balance of the wedding day booking
  • no discounts are offered for trials
  • Trial paid are non-refundable and non-transferable (eg. If your to change your trial date or time, the trial payment cannot be used to secure the new date / time)
  • at your trial you will be subject to signing our wedding contract, meaning you have read these terms and conditions and accept them.


Booking deposit

  • Quoted prices will be honoured for 2 months after initial enquiry

* please note: prices are subject to change without notice, and an enquiry does not secure a date or total booking price, meaning you're at risk of someone else booking your desired date or time without notice. 

  • 50% of the total booking total amount is required to secure the date of the booking
  • the booking is not confirmed until the 50% deposit has been received
  • deposits are completely non-refundable and non-transferable like trial payments.
  • internet bank transfer / paypal is the preferred payment
  • once the deposit has been received, your booking/date is locked in
  • if for any reason I am unable to complete your booking, it is my responsibility to source and secure a replacement artist of the same ability / qualifications / skill level.


Touch up kits

  • Bridal party will require touch up products to maintain the hair and makeup look throughout the day
  • Items used at trial can be purchased an an extra cost, again this payment is no transferable if  you change your mind after items have been purchased
  • a service surcharge may be incurred for purchasing and handling of your touch up items.
  • otherwise after your trial and your non refundable deposit has been paid I am happy to release a list of recommended items and products used during your trial in case you want to purchase certain items for your wedding day


Wedding Day

  • price includes false lash application, the styles are subject to change due to stock depending on our suppliers
  • there is no discount if false lashes are not applied
  • there is no discount for partial services ( eyes only, base and lips only, ect)
  • if the travel time is more than 3 hours drive each way, overnight accommodation may be a required. The cost of accommodation is to be covered by the client
  • international bookings require that flights/insurance and accommodation to be paid for in full by the client.
  • depending on your bridal party size, a secondary makeup artist or if the booking requires, hairstylist or beauty therapist will incur a surcharge
  • the time that our team arrives to you will depend on what time you need to be ready, and may have other bookings after yours, please be ready for service at the designated time to allow a smooth service.
  • if you are not getting us to make up the entire Bridal party, any of our products are not to be touched or used by those choosing not to take part in service
  • A designated area is needed, including a ( preferably) large table, high stool or chair and natural lighting.
  • please advise on parking instructions for location
  • if parking is not free on site, then the parking fee is to be covered by the client
  • any extra patrons or booked members of the bridal party are not to at any time touch any products or brushes belonging to the artists kit, for OHS reasons a surcharge to replace items that's hygiene may have been compromised will be owed by the original enquiry


  • full payment of the balance of the booking is to be made via internet bank transfer / paypal no later than 2 weeks prior to the wedding
  • cash on the day is only accepted for last minute add ons or extra services, cash must be paid prior to service

Surcharges/ additional fees

  •  if the 2nd half of deposit is not paid 2 week prior, a 20% of the total amount due will be incurred as a late fee .
  • public holiday bookings will incur a surcharge
  • early starts 7 am or Earlier will incur a surcharge
  • late finishes after 7pm will incur a surcharge
  •  if a product(s) in my kits OHS/ sanitation is compromised, the replacement of that product will be invoiced to the person who made the initial booking with a 14 day period for payment. see OHS for more information


  • if you have any medical conditions, sensitivities or allergies of any kind, you must advise prior to service
  • Steff Matheson Makeup Artist cannot be held liable for any losses that are incurred due to the client’s failure/ inability to advice of any known/ pre existing conditions
  • you agree that I am not liable for, & will indemnify me from any & all claims, liabilities, costs, loss, & causes of action relating to personal injury or death arising directly or indirectly as a result of your failure to disclose information relating to medical conditions
    • Contraindications/ medical conditions include but are not limited to;

•                     Facial herpes simplex

•                     Any open/weeping wounds or sores

•                     Warts

•                     Severe or Cystic acne

•                     Cuts and abrasions

•                     Sunburn or first degree burning

•                     Conjunctivitis

•                     Recent dental work

•                     Stye

•                     Eczema / Psoriasis

•                     Nits / head lice

•                     Any bruising

•                     Ringworm

•                     Impetigo

•                     Scabies

•                     Broken bones

•                     Photo-sensitivity


It is the responsibility of the client(s) / original enquirer, to understand, agree and be held responsible for all booking conditions, including active communication, payment and notification of a cancellation and understanding the consequences

In order to ensure that potential/other clients of Steff Matheson Makeup Artist are not compromised by any current/booked client’s indecision/ lack of confirmation ( 50% deposit payment), any cancellation of a booking by you will incur the following fees:

• Up to 3 months prior to the date – None

• 3 months – 2 weeks prior to the date, 50% of the booked amount quoted on your booking confirmation email.

• 2 weeks prior to the day and under, 100% of the booked amount quoted on your booking confirmation email + 20% of total booking Late fee.

You are solely responsible for ensuring that Steff Matheson Makeup Artist receives your written rescheduling/cancellation. Failure to do so will incur the fees as above. A cancellation is only confirmed when the re-issued receipt from Steff Matheson Makeup Artist has been received via email.

*These T&S are subject to change without notice.