Love on the lawn Hunter Valley prep

Sorry I've been alittle MIA, wedding seasons hit and boy has it been busy!

In a little over a month Love on the Lawn will be returning to hope estate, and this year is my first time as an exhibitor and not tagging along as a bridesmaid or  little sister! (and I'm very excited) Love on the Lawn is probably my favourite wedding event to attend as a guest so I'm looking forward to having the shoe of the other foot and meeting all the lovely brides to be & hearing about their big day!

After DIYing my little heart out in a mad panic before the vintage bride expo in Newcastle. I'll be bringing out my macrame backdrop again, with gorgeous floral accents from Miss Adam's Florist keeping with the fresh boho theme love on the lawn is known for. the lovely Zarin at @cennaink is also creating something special for my booth!

I'm currently working on a special project for my booth which will make its debut at love on the lawn. but more on that once we're closer to the big day




Silicone in cosmetics

Silicone is beginning to become a repetitive player in both Hair and Makeup industries, used for it's smoothing quality and oil control. 

Silicone based primers and liquid foundations are typically used for their long wearing, smoothing, and water repelling qualities. Thus making it a great option for bridal clientele as it aids in filling fine lines and any acne scarring that may be present, as well as preventing oil secretion on days where all eyes are on you.

Recently I've noticed a lot of commentary online citing that they will avoid silicone based products as they have found that they cause breakouts or that it is bad for their skin. However As silicone molecules are too large for the skin to penetrate it, thus cannot cause irritation that will lead to breakouts. As it creates a barrier on top of the skin as it smooths the skin and creates a perfect canvas for makeup application. However if not cleansed properly prior to application it may trap sebum, sweat, dirt and grime that are present in the skin, which can cause breakouts with repeated use.

Due to its nature, it's a good alternative for those who who have sensitive skin, as it doesn't absorb into the skin, and cause breakouts, acne or eczema. It's also preferred for treating areas of the skin for those who have oily or oily combination skin.


Vintage Bride Expo this Sunday!

Along with 40 other local wedding vendors, I'll be decked out in vintage inspired goodness matching my signature black, white and gold! 

With updated expo bags in the middle of being put together, and my touch up kits finally ready to promote and have on show, and a super cute dress! I'm sure the day will be a great success.   

see you there!

Touch up kit update

The kits are coming together nicely! And will be ready in time for the Vintage Bride Newcastle Expo. So many things have arrived last thing to order is lipsticks!!!  


Heres as a sneak peek of my straws:  


Merton Muaremi "sculpt and highlight" masterclass

Last week I had the opportunity to sit in on Merton Muaremi's Sydney master class. For a ready to wear style class focusing on creating makeup that highlights a woman's beauty rather then having the makeup out shine it's wearer. Which is the perfect outlook to have when it comes to bridal and event makeup. Here's what we came up with! 

(Special that's to Amelia for taking the time out to come and sit for me!)  

Amelia @ models & actors Newcastle  

Amelia @ models & actors Newcastle  

   Amelia @ models & actors Newcastle  


Amelia @ models & actors Newcastle