Getting Hitched Expo

Well the car is packed,  my expo care packages are all made up, outfits picked, soups on the stove and I'm enjoying the calm before the storm in front of the heater with a snuggley little cat. 

While I'm by no means an extroverted person I do love having the opportunity to brides before they book in, especially in an expo environment. I get to hear about their wedding plans, ideas, and get to have a glimpse into someone elses happily ever after ( cue gooey feelings)


all in all this blog really doesn't have a point other then, I'm looking forward to meeting some future brides! haha!


Hello Winter

I've just wrapped my Summer /  Autumn wedding season for 2015, So I'll be winding down by organizing some photo shoots for pinterest and instagram + Preparing for some upcoming wedding expos. Including;

Getting Hitched @ Mingara Tumbi Umbi (June)

Vintage Bride Wedding Expo @ Newcastle Panthers(July)

After Yes, Comes I Do, Bridal expo @  the springs (August)

Love on the Lawn  @ Hope Estate (October)

And Central Coast  Annual Wedding Expo @ The Entertainment Grounds (November)

And in the middle of all that craziness I have a trip to Japan and the joy of meeting my spring/ summer brides for their makeup previews/ trials and their big days.

I'm really hoping to have my new touch up kits ready by end of winter/ early spring! I bought the prettiest drinking straws the other day to be included in the kit, super excited for them to arrive! Still tossing up brands to source for lipstick and gloss ( it's really really hard finding mini lip glosses by the way). Still brainstorming other items to include and what I can call them? ( unfortunately I'm corny and not good at names! haha!) . I've also bought really cool stickers.

( are you sick of reading about these kits yet?) 


What will happen if I become sick or have a family emergency before your wedding

I recently had a friend and fellow wedding vendor come to me with the question of what would happen if either of us became sick or unavailable last minute for a booked wedding. I've heard nightmare stories previously from brides over businesses they've hired cancelling last minute or double booking weddings, and have always feared the day I might have to cancel on a bride.  As my friend had a bride cancel her service, due to finding out the that her due date was 3 weeks after the wedding date. We talked over how she had a replacement organised if she were to go into labor early and that would take over her booking if she was unable to complete it due to the baby. Inspired by this I decided to write this blog specifically to cover the issue.

I've tried to be as proactive as possible and over my time as a makeup artist have had several other makeup artists contact me asking if they can put me on their in case of emergency list and vise versa. Having a list of businesses I've researched and trust means that if for any reason I was not able to complete a brides wedding, I have some stellar fellow makeup artists I can refer my brides to or book on their behalf. Hopefully meaning it's one less thing to stress about on your big day. These artists have a similar style and price margin, but are located separately ( Sydney, Central Coast, North Coast, ect) meaning for smaller bookings that are not financially viable for the clients can be referred on to another business. 

Recently I've also taken on a junior artist meaning for larger bookings I can offer to my clients the option of hiring a second makeup artist for the day at an additional cost. This gives brides the option of having their parties completed faster meaning less early mornings or lengthy preparation times.  I'm constantly trying to think of ways I can further my services and better accommodate my brides and I think the two measures I've mentioned today are definitely a step in the right direction.


Sarah Joseph Couture "Madame butterfly"

Last Sunday, I headed down to Gosford on the central coast so shoot part two of the lovely Sarah Joesph Couture 2016 "Madame Butterfly" collection in anticipation of the first ever Sydney Bridal Fashion Week.

Channeling an Oriental Glam vibe with 121 Hair from Canberra we created two gorgeous looks to complement the Japanese Garden backdrop.


Touch up kits coming soon!

I'm super excited to announced that I'm in the process of developing touch up kits for my bridal and special event clients. These kits are going to be the equivilant of a wedding day beauty bestie, containing anything you may need for throughout the day,  to remain flawless and confident. While I do create makeups built to last, these puppies will be a safety net incase of any major suprises ( ultra high humidity, strong wind, rain, tears, ect).while it's still early days, I'd like to have maybe two or three options available, like I offer with my makeup service so you guys can pick what suits your needs and budget best. 

 I've ordered lash glues, setting powders and packaging for the kits, and redesigned and ordered my compact mirrors, While I'm still testing lip products and sourcing any other TBA items I'm wanting to include.


I haven't seen anyone create kits like what I'm planning so I'm super excited to launch these bad boys. they're going to be so unique and special to my business. Which makes me even more excited to continue working on them and having them ready to launch by wedding season / spring 2015.


I will post updates as they come along, and maybe even a sneaky progress shot!