How to look your best on your wedding day naturally!

Back again!

Today I read an article claiming, that by drinking 3 litres of water a day over a 4 week period left the author looking ten years younger. So I thought I have better compile a little something to help you prepare for your big day!

  • Diet; while yes this seems obvious, maintaining a healthy diet in the lead up to your wedding is so important when you consider not only your physic, but your facial features and appearance too, concentrate on lowering your intake of calories, primarily sugars and fats. Also trying to cut down your daily intake of Caffeine to reduce puffiness / tired eyes.
    • I've also had several bridal clients comment, saying that the removal of gluten from their diet aided in feeling less bloated, feel " lighter" and healthier overall.
  • Water intake; increasing your water intake will cleanse you body, increasing your skins natural radiance, detoxing your body and improving problem areas on the skin ( redness, dark circles, breakouts, ect)
  • Exercise; toning your body in the lead up to your nuptials will help you feel more confident and comfortable being in the spot light on your big day, but remember Rome wasn't built in a day and an exercise plan requires both time and commitment to see ongoing results.
  • Organisation; knowing that everything is organised and in place will allow you to feel less stressed in the lead up to your wedding, and hopefully avoiding stress related weight gain and breakouts on the facial area. don't leave booking vendors in at the last minute, as they may end up being booked by someone else, leaving you stuck with a service you don't enjoy.
  • Sleep; ensuring you're getting the average 8 hours needed a night will also you to not only function at 100% but aid in preventing tired eyes.
  • Skincare; in the lead up to your wedding consider starting a skin care routine that includes a daily moisturiser and night eye cream, regardless of your wedding prevention is the key in the fight against aging skin. Preventing fine lines and wrinkles will help you feel more comfortable not only on your wedding day, but also your day to day life.
  • Maintenance; Allow yourself space in your budget for professional waxing and upkeep of your brows and facials. Your face will we the focus of photos and video all day, By creating a beautiful canvas your makeup artist will be able to create a gorgeous lasting look for your big day. Giving yourself this down time / pampering is also a fantastic mid week pick me up ;)