How to make the most out of your wedding makeup trial / preview

  1. book your hair trial the same day
    • This will allow you to have a complete vision of how you will look on the big day
    • see number 3
  2. Trial the spray tan colour you're thinking of using
    • will mean your makeup artist will be prepared with the correct foundation colour on the day
    • if you don't manage to organise this prior to trial please advise your MUA that you'll be having a spray tan on the big day
  3. if your photographer includes a pre wedding photoshoot / engagement shoot, book your makeup trial the same day to make the most of being done up
    • two birds, one stone really
    • gives you the opportunity to have a mini pamper session prior to the wedding
    • allows you to stay calm if feeling nervous about having photo taken by feeling confident and camera ready
  4. make sure it's booked on a day where you don't have to rush
    • make the most of your time with your makeup artist so the end result is polished and you feel confident in what you'll have on the big day
    • leave feeling satisfied with what you paid for
  5. try and book when the house will be quieter ( less people home)
    •  Less distractions
    • more one on one time 
    • no outsider opinions
    • if children are home try and keep them away from your makeup artists kit to avoid a nasty surcharge if your little one breaks or damages their products
  6. have a reference image of the style of makeup you like
    •  one or two images is enough, too many and your makeup artist may end up confused and not create a look you love
  7. communicate with your makeup artist
    • see 6
    • communication is beyond important in ensuring you get what you want topics to cover include;
      • any allergies or sensitivities
      • how much makeup you normally wear
      • if you'd like false lashes
      • skin type ( oily / dry/ combination )
      • Airbrush / standard application
      • what you'd like for your bridal party makeup wise
      • any other guests you may be booking on the day
  8. have any questions you'd like to ask ready to go 
    • for example
      • Deposit to secure your date
      • Start time for makeup on the wedding day
      • any recommendations for businesses / vendors your yet to book
      • touch up kit items 
      • requirements for the big day ( table, lighting, ect)
      • ask if they have public liability / professional indemnity 
  9. be ready to sign a contract 
    • Any legit makeup artist will have a contract in place to protect themselves and their clients.
  10. take selfies 
    • a before and after
    • and try different lighting setups to see how the makeup will photograph
    • through out the night to watch how the makeup ages