How to prepare for your Bridal makeup trial or preview

I thought I'd better compile a short list of things that will help you prepare for your first meeting with your bridal makeup artist, so here it is.

While I try and avoid the word " trial" as best I can as it often has an almost negative connotation to it like a trial period for a job. Where as a "preview" tells you exactly what it is, a preview of what you'll be having on your big day! Either way here's how to make sure you get the most out of your first meeting with your MUA;

  • Reference images / inspiration 
    as your preparing and planning your wedding take into account what sort of makeup you like and collect images of styles similar to what you'd like to achieve. that way your artist can advise you as to what will work best for your features and use of makeup ( looking good in real life / in photography), this will ensure you and your makeup artist are on the same page when it comes to what you want everyone has a different perception to what a smokey eye is or what natural makeup looks like this step will allow you to avoid being dissapointed. some great places to find your style of makeup include;
    • interest
    • google images
    • tumblr
    • wedding blogs
    • celebrities who's style you admire
  • Time allowance
    personally I like to book 2 hours for my initial meeting with potential bridal clients, this gives me to opportunity to sit down, discuss what we will be doing, and getting to know each, so you feel comfortable and safe on the big day. with this time I'm also able to have clients sign their contract so when they're ready to book the paper work is already completed. Budgeting enough time also means your trial / preview is not rushed and won't leave you feeling unfinished.
  •  Makeup free face
    when your makeup artist arrives, have a clean, fresh makeup free face, with preferably hair tied back off the face. allowing us to see our canvas and get straight to work
  • Natural light
     choose somewhere in the house that has ample natural light, this will ensure your artist can do the best job possible when it comes to colour matching and blending.
  • Hairstylist
    booking your hair and makeup artist previews on the same day means you'll know how you're going to look on your big day. That security of mind will allow you to rest easy knowing what you're completed look will be.
  • Tan
    if you're considering having a spray tan on the big day now is the time to try it out, that way your makeup artist can match your foundation to your tan colour, rather then your natural shade. making it easier on the big day.
  • Get the most out of your makeup
    I mean why not? you're going to be all done up, may as well go out and enjoy it. I love it when my clients get the actually wear their makeup out, be it for their hens night, a pre wedding photo shoot, dinner with husband to be anything! that way you're able to give feedback and decide if there are any changes you'd like on the big day.