Wedding Expo - Central Coast March 8th Wrap up

So I wrapped up my first ever wedding expo, and goodness what a big day. I had prepared 50 care packages or " give away bags" for potential brides thinking that I'd have a bunch left over, but that wasn't the  case at all! having them all gone within the first few hours felt fantastic.

Luckily for me, I was the only Hair/Makeup/Beauty catagory vendor there so I had so many girls stop by to chat about their weddings. which was great. So many people stopped even just to comment on how lovely my model Kirstie looked. which was lovely to hear as well.

We were going to do a mini photoshoot on the day, but the sun is awful at 10am in the morning so the shots were over exposed and not flattering unfortunately.

My gold sequin backdrop did not arrive in time ( BOO!) but luckily the gorgeous girls at EVENTHAUS in Newcastle were able to rent me one in similar colours so that was one less thing to worry about. 

I made sure I had magazines that have featured my work on display as well rather then a boring photo album or frames. That was I could talk about real past brides and photos shoots I'd done, which made the whole experience less scary as I had these gorgeous books to pack up my business.


As a whole I feel lucky that my first expo has been such a great experience and I've already received such a big response from bride I met on the day.