What goes into a bridal makeup / wedding booking?

When considering a makeup artist for your wedding budget can be an issue, and with every artist charging a different rate, while some may seem costly, you're paying for alot more then just having your makeup done on the day.  Consider the following when collecting quotes from makeup artists, and take a look through their websites or ask questions so you know what you're paying for.

  • Use of products in kit; consider the amount of products needing to be stocked constantly to allow us to work on any and every face ( all ethnicities, skin types, age groups and techniques/services)  Also the quality of the products we use i.e. Maybelline / cover girl vs. Chanel / MAC and professional quality products like face atelier and viseart.
  • Correspondence;  time away from our families replying to emails, calls, texts and coordinating with either yourself or your wedding planner to allow us to allocate enough of our time to complete your service needs, confirming any assistants we may need, confirming parking arrangements with the venue, discussing the looks needed on the day and making sure you're 100% happy with what you and your party will receive on the day
  • OHS and Hygiene; time taken to sanitize all our products, hygienic use of products, disposal of out of date or contaminated products that may contain bacteria build up, deep cleaning and sanitization brushes, sponges / airbrush ,ect
  • Insurances;  ensuring your safety during and after service.
  • Training; Time and money taken to study our craft, gaining certification, and then continual training to further our skills and technique
  • Advertising; Making sure we're in places you can find our services ( social media, websites, wedding directories, expos ect)
  • Notoriety;  Any awards, magazine publications and features.
  • Travel; wear and tear on our vehicles, as well as carting our kits up and downstairs, to where ever you need us set up.
  • Workload; An extremely busy MUA won't ever turn work down, we want to do anything we can to make your day special but, when we're already booked solidly already, and you want us to squeeze you into our calendar their may be a surcharge added to make it worth our while, when we're overworked.
  • And finally, our time; by paying your deposit you have basically bought a day of our lives, rain, hail or shine we will be there ready to provide the services you've booked on your big day. Time that would otherwise be spent with our loved ones, or catering for another clients needs