How to know what to invest in with your wedding budget

Setting your budget can be one of the most stressful parts of planning your wedding,  maintaining open and fair communication with your partner is essential. While typically the bride has the final say in what is chosen your partners opinion should also be acknowledged and valued.

once your total budget is established. as a pair you should decide on the elements you value most in your wedding day.

Are you investing in a high end photographer to capture your day?

then your other priorities should be in grooming ( hair and makeup ), event styling and photo locations. you are going to be photographed all day! why wouldn't you want to feel as confident as possible when all eyes are on you, and when these photos are going to last a lifetime, you'll want to love every element of what your photographer captures.

Are you a foodie and wanting to really enjoy your reception?

then budget more for vendors like your wedding cakes, catering and bar tab. It's your day! after the ceremony you want to wind down and enjoy your time with family and friends.

Is the dress your big investment?

Again focus on your hair and makeup, any fashion styling ( accessories),Flowers and the photography to catch it, all eyes will be on you why would you want to DIY anything when you'll be the center of attention.

Are you really wanting to create a mood or theme for your wedding?

Then prioritizing your venue, catering, event styling, music and flowers will all help add to the mood you want to create.


The worst thing I come across is brides to be who haven't booked their hair and makeup until last minute and have spent their wedding budget else where or don't book early enough to secure their dates, and having to turn down girls that have either followed my work on social media OR been referred by friends because they can't afford or I'm booked else where on their big day.

While yes it's difficult cutting out other elements you value on your big day. working to your budget and prioritizing what is really important to you and your future partner will allow you to have a (hopefully) stress free day you can look back at and enjoy.