Negotiating rates on your wedding day.

Weddings are expensive, that's a given, but when it come to your big day, your vendors are an investment. Hiring professionals who's portfolio and previous work is something you admire and envision for your own wedding day will aid in your day coming together as smoothly as possible. While we all pride ourselves in our work and wish to do as much as we can to make your dream wedding come to life, reality is, we also have bills to pay. 

As most wedding professionals rely on their freelance career as our sole income when we receive countless emails asking for discounts or special rates it deters the vendor from continuing contact with that bride. 

Same equivalents of this situation would be;

-if your boss came to you and said he/she isn't going to pay you your normal wage since they want to keep a portion for themselves because they're "on a budget" or "can't afford your normal wages"

- telling an builder/plumber/electrician that you won't pay their hourly rate because you know someone cheaper and they should price match


In saying that discounts may be applicable, but they should be on the vendors terms/ offer, not solicited. As we choose what weddings we take on, soliciting a discount too hard and  coming off heavy on discounts can end with us ending communication without explanation, as it comes across as the individual not valuing what we do or what we would add to your big day. When you hire a wedding vendor you're not only hiring our service, but our time, admin, correspondence, taxes, insurances, but also realistically preordering / laybuying a day of our life, rain or shine we'll be there. However don't let this discourage you in asking us questions, I can't speak for everyone, but I love them, feel free to ask away any problems or queries you have re your special day.