Your wedding day surivial kit

After all the time and effort putting together your perfect day, The best way to ensure your "I do" is as stress free as possible is a mini touchup / survival kit . A purse or small tote filled with anything that could aid in avoiding any last minute panic, perfect job for your maid of honour or a bridesmaid  to hold onto throughout the day.  the following is a list of items to consider pre packing for your wedding day survival kit;

Hair and Makeup:

  • powder compact / blotting powder or paper + powder puff ( to aid in oil control and unwanted shine)
  • lipstick colour to match what your mua has applied ( feel free to ask what brand and shade they used as the trial and purchase it prior to the big day) 
  • lipgloss ( for after you say " I do" and want to add some sparkle to your wedding look)
  • compact mirror for personal touch ups
  • mini lash glue ( just in case of lashes moving throughout the day, more common with fuller / thicker falsies) 
  • Straws (  a bright lipstick life saver!)
  • bobbi pins in a shade to match your hair colour
  • mini hair spray (for fly aways )


  • Needle and thread in colour to match your gown
  • nail scissors for loose threads
  • safety pins
  • strain remover wipes
  • fashion or double sided tape ( particularly for strapless dresses)
  • crochet hook ( for tricky buttons during dressing) 
  • spare stockings or pantyhose ( only if you're already wearing them!) 


  • bandaids
  • panadol / pain killers
  • tampons / panty liners 
  • tissues
  • mints
  • nail file
  • quick easy to eat snacks
  • bottle of water