Why a Trial is so important to your wedding day!

I did a trial recently that reminded me just how important it is to book in a preview or trial prior to your wedding date. This bride in particular had a very specific bold eye look she was after, which was beautiful however, her face shape and eye type was not compatible with the design she was after as she would have needed stronger bone structure along her brow and more space between her lid and brow area. Unfortunately I have hooded eye lids myself so I have had to learn the hard way ( hello teen years!) what does and doesn't work on difficult eye shapes.

moral of the story is if we hadn't met prior to her wedding, I would have shown up on the day with the plan of only needing 45 minutes to complete her makeup and realizing on the day that it isn't compatible with her bone structure meaning she would've ended up running late on the day due to extra time needed making sure she was happy with what we completed for her bridal look, or running out of time meaning she would then be stuck with a look she wasn't happy with in her wedding photos.