What to consider when planning your bridal makeup look..

Lately I've been thinking about what really makes a fantastic bridal look, and making it last throughout your wedding day. Anyhow here's a quick list of what might we worth considering when designing your bridal makeup look during your trial:

  • Temperature; if your embarking on a warm destination or beach wedding, ensure that your artist is using as many oil free or oil preventative products as possible to ensure your makeup lasts beautifully and will not move during the day. ( Pro tip: make sure you ask if your MUA offers a touch up kit, that way they'll make sure you have what you need to maintain your makeup throughout the day if you're not hiring them for the day, if not, purchase at least some blotting paper and a similar lip colour to have nearby for touch ups.
  • Photos; knowing that you're going to have your photo taken ALOT on your big day means your makeup artist will apply your look a little heavier then a normal day to day look, but should still beautiful face to face, but don't fret! this is to ensure you will not look washed out or flat in your wedding pictures. pro tip: make sure your artist does not use any products with SPF as this will cause a flask back in photos with a ghost white face.
  • prep; Make sure you cleanse and moisturise your face prior to your MUAs arrival ( again no SPF products), your artist will then prime your face will a silicone or similarly based primer for oil control and pore minimization prior to your makeup application.
    Another good idea is to lightly exfoliate your lips with a soft tooth brush and apply a light lip balm prior to your service.
  • play it safe; try not to make any drastic changes in the lead up to your wedding ( drastic change to hair, brows or tan) if it doesn't work out as planned you'll regret looking at your wedding photos.
  • Brows; having clean shaped brows can make or break a bridal look, as they not only frame your eyes and face but highlight your facial shape. this is something to consider in the lead up to your wedding day preparation.
  • faking it;
    • Lashes; so often I have brides say they don't want false lashes, but I always offer during their trial and once they see ow fantastic they look and light/ unnoticeable they are to wear I believe 90% of the time change their mind. Personally I like a soft doe-eyed half lash on brides, with curled lashes and mascara. in doing this the aim isn't to look fake, but natural and enhanced. A false lash will also help in your wedding photos as your eyes will look bigger and more defined.
    • Tan; a light Spray tan can cover any unevenness in skin tone and help mask impurities like freckles and scarring. Body contouring with spray tanning can also give the illusion of a more toned physic.

Hope this helps! xo